LockRack Base

LockRack Base

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Introducing LOCKRACK, a new product that allows you to spend less time loading and unloading, and more time doing what you want to enjoy most…recreating on the water!LOCKRACK is built to last. All components are rust resistant with an anodized aluminum base. There are four different LOCKRACK systems, each one custom made to suit your water sport of choice. From surfboards of all sizes to stand up paddleboards, surf skis, fishing kayaks and canoes, the LOCKRACK is designed to facilitate single person handling, even in extreme windy conditions.

  • All LOCKRACK materials are rust-resistant, rugged and recyclable
  • High-grade aluminum, brass and stainless steel handle all weather
  • 30% glass-filled Nylon makes for super strength and stability
  • Durable, UV-resistant Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) rubber from The Netherlands
  • 12-month warranty on factory faults or defective workmanship/materials
  • Components built by Extreme Manufacturing, an ISO 9000 quality-compliant company. 

** 65cm Base is geared for leisure SUPs, while the 50cm is better for narrow race boards.

  • Arms fold flat when not in use or can be completely removed and stored
  • Arm width can be adjusted in and out to accommodate most craft
  • The elbow of the LOCKRACK is made of glass filled nylon, which is extremely strong
  • The lockable arm adjustment pin is made of aluminum and has been tested to 800kg
  • The UV stabilized arms are non-slip, weather-resistant and soft on all crafts
  • Rack arms have less wind drag than competitors